Installing IPTV Smarters Pro on Android (TV & BOX)

Installing IPTV Smarters Pro on Android (TV & BOX)

  1. download the application via the official   download link
  2. Copy the application to a USB key
  3. Insert the key on your Android box or Android TV with the file explorer click on the application then install.
  4. At the end of its installation, launch the IPTV Smarters application by clicking on  Open.
  5. Wait for the IPTV Smarters application to open.
  6. Click on Connection Xtream-Codes API
  7. Enter the identifiers of your IPTV Smarters Pro subscription if you have chosen the Xtream-code API: Name (any name), User, Password, and Server URL.


What is an IPTV box?

An IPTV box or set-top box is a device used to convert streaming signals received via the Internet Protocol into a format that a TV can play. In other words, IPTV set-top boxes translate the Internet Protocol language to enable reception on the TV. These boxes are often connected to the television by HDMI cables, or even by a Wi-Fi connection for more recent models.


What is an Android TV box? What is an Android TV Box?

An Android TV box or TV Box Android is simply a TV box running on the Android operating system. It’s the same operating system that runs on your smartphone, tablet, and millions of other devices around the world.

You’ve probably heard a lot of different terminologies on sites, forums, and on social media groups. These include in particular:

It’s actually the same type of device: a device that streams content from your home network or the Internet to your TV.

The aim of the TV box is to make access to your favorite content as easy on your television as it is on your mobile phone. You can access services like Netflix through its native Android app, which makes the experience more seamless and enjoyable.

Content formats offered by IPTV

As we have already mentioned earlier in this article, IPTV offers many additional services and video formats, beyond the simple distribution of traditional television programs. Most IPTV services offer three main content formats:

  • Live TV: Live IPTV allows users to watch TV shows in real time, just like traditional TV. Live TV is most often used to broadcast live events like sports events, movies, news, entertainment shows, etc.
  • Video on Demand (VOD): IPTV VOD services work the same way as most VOD providers. You pay for a subscription and, in exchange, you get access to a vast library of videos that you can request to watch at will.
  • Delayed TV or replay: This service is also known as catch-up TV or replay and allows users to watch previously aired TV shows at a later date. There is, however, an important difference between delayed television and VOD. Timeshift TV offers users the ability to rewatch old content for a limited time. More often than not, shows are available for a few days before disappearing. Anything older than that is considered VOD.

With the ability to choose between watching live broadcasts, re-watching shows they missed, and enjoying on-demand content, it is evident that IPTV offers superior options and user experience compared to its traditional counterpart: traditional television in its classic version. Even if IPTV has many advantages, as you can imagine, as with everything, it also has disadvantages

Advantages of IPTV

Although IPTV offers incredible flexibility and usability, it is not just about that. It is also essential to look at both sides of the coin, as IPTV is not perfect from all angles either. Here are some of the most notable pros and cons of IPTV

The benefits of IPTV

Here are very quickly some main advantages of IPTV.

  • IPTV is easy to install and use: to get started, all you have to do is buy a decoder or an Android TV box and connect it to your television. Plus, the Wi-Fi connectivity that the newer models have makes the process much easier.
  • IPTV is a 100% digital TV solution: the world is becoming more and more digital. The switch to digital television is therefore an excellent basis for the future and new technologies.
  • IPTV allows the simultaneous and smooth broadcasting of several programs: IPTV services allow users to simultaneously broadcast several programs on different devices (TV, PC, mobile phone, etc.).
  • IPTV offers a variety of services: The multiple types of services offered by IPTV exist to meet the different tastes of consumers.
  • IPTV allows users to have an ad-free experience: many people hate ads. So being able to skip them or fast forward them is a great quality of life improvement.
  • IPTV offers incredible time savings and flexibility: not having to wait for the start of the broadcast at specific times and the possibility of skipping advertisements explain the appeal of IPTV for users around the world.

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